Coffee on the road – what a difference an accent makes!

Thin KevanWe might not be much given to knitting our own yoghurt or weaving muesli here at ThinkEvans, but we are pretty darn serious about sustainability.  For us its about being able to keep your promises to stakeholders – not just this week or next week, but next month and next year and the year after that, whatever your enterprise is there to do in the commercial or the nonprofit space.

But it’s not just a watchword in client projects – we walk the talk in our coffee habits too!  Several years ago we stocked up on this great little Aussie innovation, the KeepCup, with ours being all decked out in ThinkEvans finery.

Time has marched on and those are now hard at work in various client premises, and on the road around the world with like-minded colleagues who love their coffee but want to avoid creating trash.

Our Managing Director Carolyn may even have had one full of the life giving fluid on hand in Tasmania a couple of years ago – no doubt part of the reason that the headline shot of a Tassie lavender landscape came out so well.

In fact, we’ve enjoyed some great stories about where those cups went and what happened next.  The best one so far was from a recipient on an extended holiday with a group in Europe.  What a difference an accent makes!  Their ThinkEvans cups were so indispensable that rounding them up was a morning ritual, to the refrain of “Where’s ThinkEvans?”  That left their fellow travellers looking around for the missing person – someone who went by the name of Thin Kevan.

Tassie lavender slider