Refreshing governance for professional standards

Client:Chief Executive Officer, ACPSEM

As part of a project towards process of refreshing governance of the College, the project team looked at how the College is delivering on its Objects in relation to ‘implementation of professional standards for those using their scientific and engineering knowledge in medical fields for the benefit and protection of the community’.

The College convened two working groups to these ends, one to focus on the Certification process currently conducted by three Certification Panels (which address Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics, and Radiopharmaceutical Science), and another to focus on the work of Branch Committees for the six ACPSEM Branches.

After conducting a series of workshops for the working groups, and developing a broader picture of how professional self-regulation applies to the College, ThinkEvans has now reported to the ACPSEM Board of Directors on a range of governance initiatives that, if implemented, will steer the organisation towards positive governance outcomes for the entire ACPSEM membership.