Project wrap up

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Leveraging Learning 19 March 2014 cover smallIn wrapping up this project the ThinkEvans team put focus on the purposes of the organisation (what are we here to do?) and aligning activities accordingly (how are we going to do it?), to make a strong foundation from which to measure outcomes (how well are we doing?).

Recommendations were aimed at re-shaping the company’s structure by re-design of senior roles including a formal structure of delegation and decision making among the senior team.  Supporting documents included functional chart, organisation chart, and draft position descriptions for senior roles.

Research, data collection and analysis also confirmed that the ‘supply side’ of the company’s equation is complex beyond what can be ‘known’ by individuals, and in any case changes each year. Formal policy and procedures are required to guide appropriately qualified resources to develop and maintain information on potential suppliers in a systematic, documented and sustainable fashion that is geared to planned service delivery.

Materials provided in the course of the project included a staff workbook on which workshops were based, a tangible reference point for all concerned that included factual information presented in accessible formats (such as a cloud representation of key words used by suppliers).


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