Fair Enough?

Client: the Australian Business Foundation

The team at ThinkEvans has today submitted its research report entitled Fair Enough? Investigating Productivity & the Contribution of the Fair Work System.

The report is the outcome of investigations conducted as part of a project by the Australian Business Foundation, Productivity and Fair Work.

“After conducting nearly 70 interviews with businesses and a few expert commentators, and synthesising a wealth of views into a structured response to the research question, we are delighted with the outcome of the research,” Managing Director Carolyn Evans said.

“In the current debate about the Fair Work system, it was a great opportunity to contribute to the public discourse on this important topic, and I thank all the ThinkEvans team members for their very thoughtful insights and injections of professional expertise.”

The report on the overall project will shortly be submitted to the NSW Business Chamber by project leader, Narelle Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Australian Business Foundation (www.abfoundation.com.au).


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