Coffee on the road: Enough! on April fools day

In an era of populism writ large in global events, seen equally in ‘any-opinion-will-do-if-I-shout-it-loud-enough’ leadership and public debate that often seems to have only a passing acquaintance with facts and reasoned logic, many of our clients and colleagues on boards are facing quite tough times in holding the line on more mature and considerate leadership.

Recalling our word for the year is ‘enough!’, we think they deserve reminding of the better contribution that they make by holding themselves to a higher standard of thoughtfulness, courtesy, professionalism, and accountability for the consequences of their actions.

As our part of the effort to reinforce their great work, over the coming months we will be returning to our conversations about the fundamentals of high performing boards, the contribution needed from each board member, and making the most of the senior executive team that a board often works so hard to obtain and motivate positively.

This revolves around a good working understanding of the role that ‘owners’ (our shorthand for those who want the organisation to exist), board and management play, the tools available to aid their work, and the results that each should be aiming for in their province.

In part, we will be revising the series of short papers that we have made available to clients for over a decade, since so many of the themes have found something of a renaissance in the push back against the style of leadership we are seeing on the world stage.  So be on the lookout for those, and talk to us about any of the core questions of board leadership:

  • power – the authority of the board, and distinguishing that from the influence that it obtains by great performance;
  • capacity – a magic combination of the board’s size, composition, work practice, and well-designed and executed delegation; and
  • results – the board role in directing, enabling, accepting, and refining, achievements of the enterprise in bringing its raison d’être to fruition.