Digesting growth to leverage learning

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Wollongong coast mediumIn an environment of growth and success in winning and delivering on contracts, the principal objective of this project is to provide an independent viewpoint and make recommendations on options to evolve team capabilities to support sustainable operations over the long term.

The project focus was on options for adding skills to the team for best effect in sustainability terms, in concert with redesigning processes, roles and workloads to make best use of the available team resources.

The project will also consider the extent of untapped potential in the catchment area for those potentially suitable and suitably qualified to be Supervisors for Registrar placements – part of the supply side equation for this medium sized service business.

The ‘coast’ in the client’s business name stretches from Wollongong (south of Sydney) all the way to the border with Victoria, including this lovely spot at Kiama.


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