Once more with feeling

Client: Hadrian Logistics Solutions Pty Ltd 

Harking back to the early career of our Technical Director, Glenn Evans, as an aeronautical engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force, he will be the lead contributor from ThinkEvans in this collaborative work with other former colleagues at Hadrian Logistics Solutions.

The confidential project involves a significant series of detailed reviews of logistics functions and the associated labour standards, using the latest work-study methods and tablet-based data capture.

The project is expected to run through to late 2018.

Refreshing governance for professional standards

Client:Chief Executive Officer, ACPSEM

ACPSEM is a well-established member-based association, operating nationally under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee.

After a revised Constitution was adopted by the membership in November 2015, the College has followed through to reconsider elements of its governance arrangements in relation to bylaws, standing committees, board policies and the like.

As part of this process of refreshing governance of the College, the time has now come to look at how the College is delivering on its Objects in relation to ‘implementation of professional standards for those using their scientific and engineering knowledge in medical fields for the benefit and protection of the community’.

The College has convened working groups to these ends, and ThinkEvans will be assisting to steer towards positive governance outcomes for the entire membership.

ThinkEvans will provide advice to the Board of ACPSEM in a report scheduled to be delivered in October 2018.

Legislation implemented

ThinkEvans on sustainabilityClient: Board & Chief Executive Officer,                                     Nature Conservation Trust of NSW

A bespoke entity created under a specific piece of NSW legislation, the Nature Conservation Trust was established as an independent statutory body corporate, that also operated as a nonprofit organisation with deductible gift recipient status for tax purposes, pursuing objects in relation to nature conservation on private land.

When engaging ThinkEvans in 2016, the NCT was anticipating significant structural change, prompted by a change of direction for the organisation’s objects. A major review by an independent expert panel had made recommendations to government, including that a larger entity be created – by broadening the NCT’s scope and expanding its remit to biodiversity more generally. This had culminated in a draft Bill to that effect being considered by the NSW Parliament. However, subsequent to the completion of community consultation on that draft Bill, the Bill put before the NSW Parliament was fundamentally changed – to instead create an organisation within the relevant Department of the NSW Government, folding into that office all related functions from the NCT and others previously charged with various responsibilities connected to biodiversity.

Thus the NCT had a significant corner to turn in 2017, in order to fulfil their part of the profound changes necessary to implement the Act as passed.  Accordingly, up until its sunset clause operated in August 2017, ThinkEvans assisted the Board and Chief Executive to work through a very complex set of legislative imperatives so that the organisation could bring to fruition the extensive change mandated by legislation, while duly respecting their extant governance obligations. For example, one paper prepared by ThinkEvans was only two pages, but addressed eight pieces of legislation and the Australian Constitution, before making recommendations based on both those legal premises and showing due fidelity to the trust vested in the NCT as an organisation funded by the public purse.

Implementing legislation

Client: Board & Chief Executive Officer,   Nature Conservation Trust of NSW

Our new client is a bespoke entity – a statutory body corporate also operating as a nonprofit organisation with deductible gift recipient status for tax purposes.

In a new direction for the organisation’s objects of nature conservation on private land, the organisation is now subject to extensive legislative change and faces a significant corner to turn in 2017.



Rethinking pricing

Client: Chief Executive, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Mollymook sunset smallerIn a new project for our client, we will apply microeconomic disciplines to their pricing of services, including sensitivity analysis around key events.

Sunset at Mollymook, in the far south of this client’s area of operations, is a great inspiration!


Project wrap up

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Leveraging Learning 19 March 2014 cover smallIn wrapping up this project the ThinkEvans team put focus on the purposes of the organisation (what are we here to do?) and aligning activities accordingly (how are we going to do it?), to make a strong foundation from which to measure outcomes (how well are we doing?).

Recommendations were aimed at re-shaping the company’s structure by re-design of senior roles including a formal structure of delegation and decision making among the senior team.  Supporting documents included functional chart, organisation chart, and draft position descriptions for senior roles.

Research, data collection and analysis also confirmed that the ‘supply side’ of the company’s equation is complex beyond what can be ‘known’ by individuals, and in any case changes each year. Formal policy and procedures are required to guide appropriately qualified resources to develop and maintain information on potential suppliers in a systematic, documented and sustainable fashion that is geared to planned service delivery.

Materials provided in the course of the project included a staff workbook on which workshops were based, a tangible reference point for all concerned that included factual information presented in accessible formats (such as a cloud representation of key words used by suppliers).


Staff development workshops

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Wagga bushTo voice the project focus on options for adding skills to the team for best effect in sustainability terms, the team worked with the client’s team to consider options from a multidisciplinary perspective.  The main session was held in Wollongong, with a follow up session in Wagga Wagga followed by a further presentation to the Board.

Wagga Wagga, a regional centre in New South Wales surrounded by bush scenes such as this, is home to the head office of our client.



Board briefing

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Floriade Canberra mediumThe briefing dealt with the quantitative analysis of the supply side of this complex market, and the organisational options going forward.   With the Board’s endorsement, this will now provide the basis for team briefings in the new year.

Floriade Canberra (held each September) provided this gorgeous image – Canberra is the largest city in the client’s area of operations.


In leading developments …

Client: Mona Vale Public School

Leading coffeeIn 2013, ThinkEvans worked with Mona Vale Public School to design a professional development program for the Executive Leadership Team. In consultation with the team, Principal Consultant Tanya van der Wall identified specific opportunities that would enhance the Executive’s leadership capabilities.

This involved working through the issues in a series of 5 workshops during the year, focusing on decision making processes and communicating decisions, understanding and identifying team roles, managing through change and building contemporary leadership skills.  In this process, the senior team identified opportunities both to develop their own skills and to work more effectively as a decision making team.

In October 2013, Tanya presented the highlights to the whole staff of the school, who appreciated the opportunity to gain some insight into how the senior leadership team works and how they could work more effectively within their own teams.

Feedback from the client team:

Working with ThinkEvans allowed us the opportunity to fully explore the various levels of leadership, reflect upon our roles within teams, and build leadership capabilities to promote unity, high performance and strength in managing change.  Leesa Martin (Deputy Principal, Mona Vale Public School)

Think Evans provided great support in helping us develop a cohesive leadership strategy for our school Executive. It soon became apparent that quality management and leadership skills based on business methodology have a role to play in developing leadership capacity and high performance in the Education sector. Greg Jones (Principal, Mona Vale Public School)

As an aspiring leader, I benefited greatly from this training. I learnt the importance of different leadership styles and skills, as well as the positive results you can achieve by including your team in the decision making process. Sarah Morgan (aspiring school leader)

Sunset on a project

Client: Board of Directors, Grand Pacific Health Ltd

Illawarra sunsetAs part of further implementing the merger of two previous Divisions of General Practice, re-think the executive structure and division of responsibilities in the senior team, and assist the Chair to select a preferred candidate for CEO for consideration by the board.

The Board endorsed the recommended candidate and a suite of related internal (position descriptions, selection criteria etc) and external documents (media releases, annual report sections) related to the change; the new CEO attended the Board meeting of 26 September 2013 as her inaugural official meeting.

This brought to a close an extended period of day to day interaction with the Board and management to implement the transition – wonderfully illustrated by this sunset on the Illawarra coast of New South Wales, where this client is based.


Digesting growth to leverage learning

Client: Board of Directors, Coast City Country General Practice Training Ltd

Wollongong coast mediumIn an environment of growth and success in winning and delivering on contracts, the principal objective of this project is to provide an independent viewpoint and make recommendations on options to evolve team capabilities to support sustainable operations over the long term.

The project focus was on options for adding skills to the team for best effect in sustainability terms, in concert with redesigning processes, roles and workloads to make best use of the available team resources.

The project will also consider the extent of untapped potential in the catchment area for those potentially suitable and suitably qualified to be Supervisors for Registrar placements – part of the supply side equation for this medium sized service business.

The ‘coast’ in the client’s business name stretches from Wollongong (south of Sydney) all the way to the border with Victoria, including this lovely spot at Kiama.


Post-merger integration for the Board

Client: Board of Directors, Grand Pacific Health Ltd

MollymookAs part of further implementing the merger of two previous Divisions of General Practice, review current Board and committee charters and related documents, and propose a body of governance documents for Board activities.

A Board policy manual was approved by the Board 30 May 2013 and an additional policy approved 25 July 2013.

This wonderful photo is of a storm at Mollymook on the NSW south coast, part of the region covered by Grand Pacific Health.



Inside out strategic planning

Client: Illawarra-Shoalhaven Medicare Local (operated by Grand Pacific Health Ltd)

Inside Out Strategic Planning 11 March 2013 cover smallFollowing on from our earlier survey, ThinkEvans is providing a different lens for leveraging the outcomes as a strategic planning case study.


Assessing professional development needs

Client: Illawarra-Shoalhaven Medicare Local

As part of a collaboration with CCCGPTraining, ThinkEvans has launched a survey of primary health care providers in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven area, to gather evidence for assessing professional development needs of those working in primary health care.

Productivity and Fair Work final report released

Client: the Australian Business Foundation

The NSW Business Chamber has published online the final report of the project Productivity and Fair Work, an independent project led by the Australian Business Foundation

Engaged by the Australian Business Foundation, ThinkEvans undertook research and investigation into how the Fair Work system impacts the productivity of businesses in Australia.

This was reported in ThinkEvans’ report Fair Enough? Investigating Productivity & the Contribution of the Fair Work System, which ThinkEvans’ encapsulated into Chapter 4 of the final project report.

Read: Fair Enough? Investigating Productivity & the Contribution of the Fair Work System

Read the Productivity and Fair Work final report

Changing to grow

Client: Good Grief Ltd

ThinkEvans Report Changing to Grow Good Grief March 2012Assist the Board of Directors and senior team with the annual strategic planning cycle, including how to embrace new business models and developing an agreed set of outcomes for the next three years.

Fair Enough?

Client: the Australian Business Foundation

The team at ThinkEvans has today submitted its research report entitled Fair Enough? Investigating Productivity & the Contribution of the Fair Work System.

The report is the outcome of investigations conducted as part of a project by the Australian Business Foundation, Productivity and Fair Work.

“After conducting nearly 70 interviews with businesses and a few expert commentators, and synthesising a wealth of views into a structured response to the research question, we are delighted with the outcome of the research,” Managing Director Carolyn Evans said.

“In the current debate about the Fair Work system, it was a great opportunity to contribute to the public discourse on this important topic, and I thank all the ThinkEvans team members for their very thoughtful insights and injections of professional expertise.”

The report on the overall project will shortly be submitted to the NSW Business Chamber by project leader, Narelle Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Australian Business Foundation (www.abfoundation.com.au).


Planning Horizons

Client: Institute of Sisters of Mercy in Australia

As a final assistance to the Institute which has now folded into the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea, we have provided the leadership team with an implementation plan for 2011-2015.

This is the culmination of several years of work asssisting the leadership team to do what was necessary to bring forth the new Institute.

Day Tours Revisited

Client: AAT Kings Australia

23 January 2012: The focus of this project was to refresh the reporting structure for those  those involved in the day tours business for AAT Kings in the current business environment.

In addition to desk research, a significant number of interviews with relevant staff members were conducted in the second half of 2011.

This report was to the Managing Director of the AAT Kings group, and the ThinkEvans team will continue to work with the project into 2012.