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Client: Mona Vale Public School

Leading coffeeIn 2013, ThinkEvans worked with Mona Vale Public School to design a professional development program for the Executive Leadership Team. In consultation with the team, Principal Consultant Tanya van der Wall identified specific opportunities that would enhance the Executive’s leadership capabilities.

This involved working through the issues in a series of 5 workshops during the year, focusing on decision making processes and communicating decisions, understanding and identifying team roles, managing through change and building contemporary leadership skills.  In this process, the senior team identified opportunities both to develop their own skills and to work more effectively as a decision making team.

In October 2013, Tanya presented the highlights to the whole staff of the school, who appreciated the opportunity to gain some insight into how the senior leadership team works and how they could work more effectively within their own teams.

Feedback from the client team:

Working with ThinkEvans allowed us the opportunity to fully explore the various levels of leadership, reflect upon our roles within teams, and build leadership capabilities to promote unity, high performance and strength in managing change.  Leesa Martin (Deputy Principal, Mona Vale Public School)

Think Evans provided great support in helping us develop a cohesive leadership strategy for our school Executive. It soon became apparent that quality management and leadership skills based on business methodology have a role to play in developing leadership capacity and high performance in the Education sector. Greg Jones (Principal, Mona Vale Public School)

As an aspiring leader, I benefited greatly from this training. I learnt the importance of different leadership styles and skills, as well as the positive results you can achieve by including your team in the decision making process. Sarah Morgan (aspiring school leader)

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