Time for coffee?

Being a boutique management consultancy, at ThinkEvans we are no strangers to answering the hard questions.  In fact, with our focus on organisational robustness, good governance, sustainable enterprise and complex problem solving, we often find that the same “big issue” is being faced by multiple clients.  Commercial, government or a nonprofit enterprise – the organisations have unique characteristics but the challenges often have more similarities than differences.

ThinkEvans turns on the ideas tapOur work uses original research to inform analysis and recommendations, and we cover a serious variety of topics for clients.  You’ll soon see this is all fuelled by our unashamed coffee habit, so we’ll shout you a virtual hit while you take five and skim some headlines – if something takes your interest, let us know and we can seek permission to share more information.

The team also writes plenty of material available in the public space, often as a think piece on a specific topic which needs to be front of mind for a board or senior exec team, or where that prompts other investigation that we follow up.

As you browse, think up a hard question that you could put to over a real world coffee  … than leave us a comment, drop a line to one of our consultants or make an enquiry to ithink[at]thinkevans.com.au